We just had good views of two mountain bluebirds.  Pictures to come.  Its located around 811 St.Pierre crescent in Beresford!  

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Great fine Andrew very pretty bird.

Not my find Laurie but happy to have been alerted to these beauties.

Just an update from this morning....

We arrived in the vicinity of 805 St.Pierre road(St. Peter on Google maps) just after 8am this morning and drove around the neighborhood looking at every mountain ash tree we could find.  There were many Cedar waxwings actively feeding on Mountain ash and other berry shrubs but found no sign of the birds until approx. 9:40am when the two birds flew in from about a westerly direction and landed high in some trees a few hundred metres from where we had parked along with Roger and Rosmonde.   The birds then flew in to a patch of Mountain ash and other unknown berry tree directly across from where we were staked out.  The female came in for a few berries but the other(presumed male by other birders) stayed at a distance and didn't seem to partake in the bounty.  We definitely saw the two birds together and can confirmed two MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS.  Apparently they've been present for about a month in the area.  They are very active and move about the neighborhood quite a bit.  The birds only appeared for a few moments before disappearing in the back of the houses with Cedar waxwings and American goldfinches.  The birds have also apparently been seen on rue Cartier so if you go, you may want to cruise that and the surrounding streets.   Most of the neighbors around 811 were aware of the "happenings".  Good luck 

Congratulations for yet another Lifer, Andrew!!!

Thanks Joanne ;)

You always wonder what brings them so far from their territory. In New Mexico they like the most barren places, windswept and open. But the winters are nowhere near like ours. They are usually near cattle and they get the flies related to that. The days always warm up in mid day. They do eat grass seeds. I hope they survive.


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