Hi all,

I'm a little late on reporting this as I've been really busy but just wanted to report that Friday morning the 11th of May brought a nice selection of sparrows to my backyard in Campbellton including a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW and LINCOLN'S SPARROW, a first to my backyard.  A few local birders were able to see both.  Other sparrows present were Song, Savannah, Chipping, White-throated and  White-crowned. Still no hummers although there have been a few sighted around the region. Cheers

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Sounds like quite a day, Andrew!!

It was fun Joanne, nice when something different and uncommon shows up in your own backyard creation.  

A lovely collection for a single day in your own backyard Andrew.  I have a sparrow (did not know what it was at first) in my yard for the past several weeks (actually thought it was a Northern Parula as it has a bizzzzzzzzzzzzzz sounding call) and I finally got a shot of it upwards in a tree so it looks like a sparrow by the colors on the head, and it did have a rusty cap....do you have any idea which sparrow would make a single bizzzzzzzzzzzzzz call.

Well, I'm not sure Gail, the only bird that comes to mind is the clay colored's song.  U said that you had a picture of it?  Maybe post it here and we can make a stab at it even if less than perfect.

That was my initial thought as well, Andrew.... both possible species and please post.


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