Last winter, Josee-Anne Otis who worked for the biology department at U de M, was visiting my home on weekends hoping to capture and tag Snow Buntings. We'd set a trap on top of black-oil sunflower seeds and then wait inside my house until one or more buntings walked inside the trap. They couldn't figure out how to retrace their way back out, which gave us the opportunity to go out and band the bird.

We would measure, weigh and look for signs of their overall health. The last thing to do was to pinch a metal band on it's leg. We only managed to capture two buntings.

I presently have a flock of about thirty Snow buntings making regular visits to my yard. I was happy to spot at least one had what appears to be a band that we placed on it's leg last winter.

I do not have the means to check the numbers on the band nor do I have the data compiled last year for comparison. I strongly suspect that this is the same individual caught last year.

Here are a few photos;

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Thanks for sharing this info, Andrew. It's pretty cool to imagine the possibility that it may have been banded in my yard. I'm not aware how widespread or for how long this banding project had been taking place. I was told that only my yard and another yard in Memramcook had a flock of Snow Buntings appear each year in the south east. I was contacted by Josee-Anne Otis after posting a few photos on this site.

I wasn't contacting by anyone this winter yet, so I'm not sure if this project is still going on. This year has been very spotty for seeing Snow Buntings in my area. I saw some before Christmas in nearby fields. A flock of about thirty appeared in my yard for a week in January, then disappeared. Tania noticed a small flock this past weekend. I'm not really sure what to make of this as in previous years, they would feed on black-oil sunflower seeds and cracked corn daily from January to April. Anyway, thanks again Andrew!

Yay! They're back. A flock of about 90 Snow Buntings are now making regular visits since the last dumping of snow. I suspect that they will stick around till spring as they did in previous years. Here is a cropped photo taken through my front window;

Beauties, Gabe.


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