A Bobcat at Fundy in the early morning: Canon SX50HS vs Canon EOS7D

Hi all,

I got to see a Bobcat in fairly open conditions last Tuesday at Fundy National Park, right around 9 AM on Tuesday morning. It was overcast and still fairly low light conditions. I took pics of the beastie from about 35 m with two different cameras, out of a van window. I was surprised that the pics taken with the point-and-shoot were as good or better than those taken with the DSLR. The Canon EOS 7D was equipped with a 100-400mm Canon zoom (a pretty well-regarded lens), whereas the Canon SX50HS has its 1200mm equivalent zoom. The first pic was taken with the SX50HS, and the second with the EOS7D. This may not quite be a fully equal comparison, but it was a very real situation, nonetheless. The photo with the second camera was cropped somewhat more, because the animal was smaller in the frame, but it is impressive to see how close in quality the two pics are, given that one system cost about $400 and the other almost ten times more. Point-and-shoots have come a long way, baby!

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NIce capture Denis, it's rare to see these guys in their natural environment and to get a great picture of the cat is fantastic!

That must  have been exciting Denis. Well done with the sighting and the grand images!

Thanks Andrew and Joanne. It was a very special moment and I am very thankful to the staff at Fundy NP who fetched me right after they spotted this cat.

Great pictures.....lucky experience.

Great photos, Denis! It's also interesting to see the comparison with the two types of cameras.

Fantastic shot Denis, and to have the opportunity to photograph this intriguing animal must have been so thrilling for you.  Thanks so much for sharing!

What a lovely cat to see ... congrats Denis !! I absolutely love Fundy National Park,it is a real treasure everyone should explore.

Also very nice to see the camera comparison.Goes to show that folks don't need pro equipment to get great shots.I really love seeing all pictures of wild life no matter the name on the gear being used. Thanks for this fine example.

NICE! That must have been really cool to see!

What a treat that must have been Denis ... great photos! Good stuff!

Awesome Denis! Great captures! Healthy looking Bobcat. Gotta love that SX50!

Thanks Patricia, Anne, Gail, Laura, Amanda, Jimmy and Dixie! The Bobcat is still around, as we ar still finding tracks, but has become much more elusive. The same day I took this pic, our interpretation supervisor Evan Houlahan also photographed it 4 hours later at a location about 400 metres away. You can see his picture here (link below). It was also taken with an SX50HS ;)

Evan's Bobcat shot

Beautiful cat! I sure love my Canon SX50 and nice to see it identified with a great shot like that Dennis.


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