AMERICAN OYSTERCATCHER (Huîtrier d'Amérique) at Point Lepreau This Morning

Todd Watts just phoned to say that an AMERICAN OYSTERCATCHER flew close past the tip of the Point earlier this morning, headed east up the Bay of Fundy. Unfortunately the bird passed by too quickly to allow a photograph but Todd saw it well and has seen thousands during his lifetime while growing up in the Eastern US.


Birders east of Point Lepreau will want to keep an eye out for this large and very distinctive shorebird that could land on any one of a number of beaches or mudflats on the New Brunswick side of the Bay.


This species is listed as “casual” in the book Birds of New Brunswick: An Annotated List. The very few recent NB records are birds seen on offshore islands in the Grand Manan archipelago (White Head after an October hurricane and Three Islands (Sheep, Hay, Kent) in spring and summer 2001-2002. Oystercatchers breed in small numbers on the south shore of Nova Scotia and I believe in southern Maine but there are no nesting records for New Brunswick.


Jim Wilson

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Great sighting for NB; I know at least one has been seen at Point Lepreau in the past.


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