Juvenile BAIRD'S SANDPIPER observed and photographed at Miscou Island (Lac Frye) on the morning of October 7th, 2014. I also observed a juvenile bird of this species at same location on Sept 13-14.

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Bravo, Robert! Une autre belle observation et une image extraordinaire. C'est pour quand ton guide d'identification des limicoles de la côte est? ;)

Another awesome capture...what beautiful detail.
Great find and capture Robert

Tip-toeing along!!  Very vivid, Robert!!

Nice find; nice bird Robert!

Amazingly great photo Robert !! I thought your Long-billed Dowitcher picture was incredibly good and then I saw this one ... doesn't get any better than this ... looks like it could walk right off the computer screen !! Beautiful !

Thank you everyone for your comments. Merci tout le monde pour vos commentaires. 


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