They're back for another season.  The cove near the Wildlife Meadows in downtown Dalhousie was packed with well over 150 Barrows Goldeneye on Thursday November 13th.  A morning excursion with Mike Lushington, Debby Arsenault, Michael Diotte and myself, (members of 52 Weeks of Flight), had a great time. We saw a single Eurasian Wigeon (Dalhousie Sewage Treatment Lagoon), numerous American Wigeon, Black Ducks, Mallards, Buffleheads, Herring and Ring Billed Gulls, as well as a few Canada Geese (which seemed out of place). Deciding to carry on to the Inch Arran Lighthouse area in Dalhousie, we were treated to several sightings of Red Throated Loons (winter plumage of course), at least 3 Red Breasted Merganser, a lone female Harlequinn, a flock of Red Polls, and those amazing Barrows Goldeneye. A herd of seals entertained us at the outer limit of Bon Ami Rocks.

Of note, all Cormorants appear to have departed the fix (no sightings in the last 2 weeks) and not a single Great Blue Heron to be seen for at least 3 weeks now. 

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Hi Monica,

I Was wondering if the Eurasion Wigeon was still in the lagoon area?  Any idea?

I have been away, Andrew. I will ask our local Birders to see if any have seen the Eurasion Wigeon lately.  We're experiencing a bit of a snow storm here today, otherwise I would have been out on our weekly walk with our Birding Expert and we would likely have gone to the Lagoon first thing.

Ok thank you for the reply Monica, trying to pic a cloudless, windless, sunny and warm day to go down to the lagoon ;)......I think I might be waiting awhile lol

Hi Andrew--Thanks for sharing your fave birding spot in Restigouche County

Not quite a favourite spot yet lol Would have to visit this location first ;)  This is in Dalhousie.....I roam around the Atholville Marshes instead. 

There are some beautiful birds up around those Atholville Marshes.  Saw my very first Northern Parula there. Talk about hooking me in to Birding! 

Hey Monica, can you find or write a little description of birding in Dalhousie, I'm going to try to make this section a little more user friendly.  

I'll make a page for Dalhousie and copy paste your write up.  

Will do - We have a Facebook page already:
It explains quite a bit of what we're doing and what we're all about.  We have produced gorgeous Calendars for the last 2 years as a means of fundraising to continue habitat clean ups and maintenance.  Dalhousie birding is a well kept secret, and so we're in the process of identifying trails via GPS and including images of what one can expect to see. All coming soon to a nesting sight in Dalhousie. :-D  

Can you compile a page from what is already written.  (I assume you'd have permission)  We can also include links and maps.  You can send it to me or I'll get you in to edit the page yourself.  


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