Anyone seeing any bats ? Usually we see lots , but none so far this season here on our farm ?

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Very few indeed :(

The last time I saw a bat alive,  was March 20.  Story HERE.

A few were brought in dead since then but none lately, when you'd expect to see them. 

Hello Glenn,

White-nose syndrome, caused the fungus Geomyces destructans, was first identified in New York in 2006. Since that time, it has moved further afield, destroying millions of bats in the process. It was first documented in N.B. in March, 2011 and has had a huge impact, essentially wiping out major overwintering caves.

This past winter, there were many of reports of bats out when these bats should have been hibernating. These were no doubt sick bats which did not survive.

I too have not observed a single bat this year, even though I did go to sites at least twice, where I used to see significant numbers.

For more info, see the following links:

All the best,


Thanks everyone for the info and links , much appreciated and very disturbing to say the least ,to read what has happened to the bat population. Dwayne posted info sometime ago , and up to that point I had no idea. Sad really ...(

hi glen..i,m in miramichi and usually there is all kinds of bats but no none this year...really sad yes indeed

Still seeing one, sometimes two on a nightly bases.

Saw 2 in mid-August in Saint George.

Saw a single Little Brown Bat on Machias Seal Island on 3 successive nights 1st week in September and another once last week.

I believe that amounts to a either 3 or 4 for the entire summer.

Not seeing any; I miss seeing them.

One has been around each summer(August & early Sept) since WNS appeared but every so often a second one shows up as it did a week ago and again last night. I have been listening into their world with a high frequency detector....lots of fun. I have a short recording on email.
Before WNS there were up to eight most evenings around our dusk to dawn light.
Also a good year for barn Swallows. After about a decade of none nesting in our barn, it has slowly built up to a total of 14 batches this year so I would say that we've added between 60 and 70 new ones to the numbers.


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