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Lighting makes this image a bit difficult... I think it's a Red-eyed Vireo. Comments from others very welcome.

Another contender would be Philadelphia Vireo

Thanks Joanne, I have several more images of the bird. If you wanted to see them I can upload them.

The best image without the bright light would help.

Yea I agree with Joanne on the Philadelphia but may I throw in a warbling vireo as well.  I think we can rule out red-eyed though imho. The photo is very yellowish which construes the real color of the bird.

Andrew, the Warbling Vireo I've seen have, over all, the least amount of yellow than the other mentioned Vireos and the undertail coverts are very pale. 

Can we agree that Philadelphia is the major contender?

Thanks on this Joanne and Andrew. The shot was towards the sun which may account for the yellowish tinge, but the best i could get without wading into the marsh to get a better angle.

Rick, there are, in birding, those individual images/glimpses for which we cannot come up with a proper identification no matter how hard we try. This might be one of those times.

Thanks again for your help on this. When I checked my book Philadelphia Vireo seems to be right. It was high up in a tree, which my book says is where they like to forage.Since I purchased my 600mm lens in April this was the 30th new bird, to me, I've photographed.

Its a tough one Joanne, hard to be sure on this one.  If we heard the song, all doubt would be erased.  

My thoughts exactly, Andrew.


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