I'm new to this site and have been enjoying the posted images and hope to add some of my own at some point.

Bird photography is a hobby i'm just getting into and this site should be helpful in a lot of ways.

I have some questions about a couple of birding areas I plan on visiting soon.

The first area is in New Horton.

My understanding is that this is a raptor migratory route and that things should be happening soon?

I'm a bit familiar with this area and know where the church is that is used as a reference spot.

My question for any members that go to this location is, do you just wait in this area and scan the sky and hope the birds come close enough for pictures or is there a kind of hot spot for activity?

The second area is the Tantramar Marsh.

How do you access the NB side of the marsh?

I assume there are no access points off the TCH and that there is a road(s) from Sackville that lead to the marsh.

The marsh covers a big area so, is there a particular area that people tend to go?

I would like to know where I would park and start walking from and also, is most of the area open to the public, not private property.



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Paul, at the church in New Horton, one stands by the church and scans the skies for Raptors as well as birds in the valley, across the road below, and the water beyond in spring and fall. Some Raptors do cross the sky close to the church. Birds in the valley can be somewhat distant according to one's camera's ability and those passing along the water are distant. From nearby Cape Enrage, one can get closer looks at some Raptors and seabirds in spring and fall.

Regarding Tantramar, one accesses High Marsh Road from Sackville. You are correct re access from the TC Highway. After crossing the covered bridge, there is a road to the Lt. [this is Goose Lake Road], another road further down High Marsh Road, on the Rt, is Coles Island Road. Caution for both these roads according to conditions. At the far end of the High Marsh Road from Sackville is a big corner, a bit after the corner one has an option of going straight or turning Rt. The road straight going straight takes one to Jolicur, the one going Rt. is a route that eventually brings one to Aulac.

One can also gain access via the dirt road opposite the Donald Harper Rd. in Sackville. This takes one through various roads and can exit through the Anderson Marsh Road when road conditions allow.

Most of us drive these roads and stop when we see birds.

We do accommodate working farmers when driving on these roads. Basically there is no trouble walking wherever one is on these roads...offroad excursions should avoid crops.

Hello Joanne

Thanks very much for the information regarding the Tantramar Marsh.

May put it to use this weekend.

Was in New Horton today and things were pretty quiet while I was there.

With the use of binoculars, I could make out a bald eagle way off in the distance in the valley and it appeared to be feeding on something by some water.

Would've needed the Hubble Telescope to get a picture of it.

Will check out Cape Enrage next time i'm in the area.

Thanks again.


Without close Raptor activity in New Horton, that about sums up close encounters in that area, Paul.

At Cape Enrage, one is closer depending on camera ability.

Spring breakup can create difficulties on the dirt Tantramar roads.

Sackville Waterfowl Park is a great spot to check out spring and fall.

I can think of so many great spots in this province for a birder/photographer to explore but it's difficult to advise without knowing a central spot from which one is starting [do not need an address but an area].... for example at least 20 Snow Geese in St George Marsh [Charlotte Co.] today might be of no help for you.

I think I read about people getting stuck on High Marsh Road recently.

Thanks for the heads up.

I was wondering what the road condition would be like.

Supposed to get some rain overnight and into tomorrow so,I'll probably wait a bit longer now before going.

Other areas near New Horton include Waterside where there is a good sized pond beside the road. Various duck species and wading birds according to season. Also look carefully at the small open water areas of the marsh. Along this paved road, one will come to an old farm on the Lt. Kestrel are often seen there as well as various Swallows. The sides of the road will soon be dotted with Flickers as they migrate back.

In Riverside-Albert, one can turn Lt onto the 114 and drive a short ways to Calhoon Marsh on the Lt.; it will soon be teeming with Ducks.

The Sackville Waterfowl Park offers a lovely area to stroll with many Ducks and Pied-billed Grebe. As the season advances one could hear/see Sora, Virginia Rail, various Warbler, wading birds,Kingfisher and Swallows. In the fall, numerous shorebirds.

Regarding the Waterside information, are you referring to the stretch of road between where the church use to be before it was struck by lightning and burned a couple of years ago and, Dennis beach?

By turning left onto the 114 in Riverside-Albert, I assume that is based on if you are coming back from Waterside, New Horton and Harvey and at that intersection, turning left , you can head to Alma / Fundy Park?

I have been to the Sackville Waterfowl Park a few years ago.

I will visit again soon.

My camera and lenses have been upgraded since that visit so, I'm curious to find out if my photography skills have improved since .

As far as area I would drive to for birding at this point,  it would be if you drew a line on the map between Fredericton and Shediac, all that area between and down to the Bay of Fundy.

Unless I win the Lotto, weekends are pretty much when I have the time to do this.

Yes, Waterside is on Rte 915 in the area you mentioned. The directions I mentioned tor Calhoun Marsh are specific to continuing along the 915 past Harvey but turning onto the 114 as one enters Riverside-Albert. I don't have specific kilometerage for Calhoon Marsh from that spot but it's probably within 5 Km...... the marsh consists of a large area of open water, is on the left according to my directions. There is a short dirt entrance and a bit of wood railing where one parks. The 114 would continue along to Alma and FNP..... Both the 915 and the 114 are my options once I reach Alma when travelling from Quispamsis.

Thanks for the information.

Much appreciated.


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