Hi, I'm up here visiting for my annual summer visit to New Brunswick. My non-birding kids and grandkids just left so now I'm all alone and ready to do a little more birding!

It would be fun if I could add some new species to my Westmorland Life List. I had 97 on it when I came up this summer and my goal was to hit 100, but I've already hit 100 even without a lot of effort. I have a summer place in the Port Elgin area. I'm also just recovering from an auto accident in which my car was totaled (though luckily I wasn't! LOL) so I'm trying not to drive TOO far, or to do anything too strenuous. But if anyone has good suggestions of easy areas to drive to, drive along, etc.

The places that I know about and go to fairly frequently include:

Cape Jourimain

Cape Tormentine

Sackville Waterfowl Park

Tantramar Marsh

Johnson's Mills

Murray Beach

I also love driving along the back roads and on the roads along the saltwater marshes (though now that I no longer have an SUV the road better not be too rough!), and do lots of driving alone route 960, where my summer place is, which parallels the trans-Canada on the way to PEI - and all along through the little towns of this area - Baie Verte, Port Elgin, Jolicure, Point de Bute, Murray Corner, Bayfield, Botsford, Little Shemogue. Probably Johnson's Mills is about as far as I feel up to going right now. But if anyone has ideas for other interesting spots around here I can check out I'd love to hear them. So far I'm up to 56 species for the month, and 100 total for the county as I said, and it would be fun to try to increase that number. I have a few more weeks to try to do that. :)

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