Remaining French and English copies of the 2004 publication "Birds of New Brunswick: An Annotated List" / "Liste des mentions d'oiseaux du Nouveau-Brunswick" are now available by mail at a deeply discounted price. This 94-page book was a project of the New Brunswick Bird Records Committee and was published by the New Brunswick Museum (Authors: David S. Christie, Brian E. Dalzell, Marcel David, Robert Doiron, Donald G. Gibson, Mike H. Lushington, Peter A. Pearce, Stuart I. Tingley, and James G. Wilson). 

An invaluable resource for everyone interested in the birdlife of New Brunswick. For each species recorded in New Brunswick there are dates of occurrence, comments on relative abundance and a short summary discussing the species distribution in the province as a breeder, migrant or winter visitor and a selection of records to demonstrate high counts or unseasonal occurrences. 
We are hoping to put this publication online in the near future but there's nothing like having a hard copy at hand for quick reference.
A great Christmas gift for your naturalist friends!
Full details and ordering information can be viewed at:
Good Birding,
Stuart Tingley
Cocagne, NB

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I have this book and consult it often, Stu.

It's also great for looking up French/English names of our birds! I always carry it with me in the car!

Thanks Stu!

Thanks for this Stu.  Letter will be mailed tomorrow.

Thanks, Danny. I'll let you know when it arrives.


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