I came across a fact and am wondering if anyone can add to the list of birds that nest only in Canada. Now ... I know of two. One is a species of bird ... the second is a subspecies. I thought it would be fun to not revel these two birds just yet. 

So here is my list of two birds .... I'll fill in the blanks later :)

  1. edit ... Harris's Sparrow
  2. edit ... Ipswich Sparrow - a subspecies of the Savannah Sparrow, which nests only on Sable Island.

edit 5:02pm ... wow ... see Ralph's reply below. There could possibly be many more!


So there you have it ... can anyone name birds that nest exclusively in Canada?

ps ... my list might be wrong and there may be more.

pss I don't think either of these were widely considered for that Canada national bird contest a year or two ago.


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I read recently that the Harris's Sparrow is the only specie of bird that breeds exclusive in Canada.

That was a great question and wonderful discussion, Jimmy!  Thanks and thumbs up to you too  :)


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