I came across a fact and am wondering if anyone can add to the list of birds that nest only in Canada. Now ... I know of two. One is a species of bird ... the second is a subspecies. I thought it would be fun to not revel these two birds just yet. 

So here is my list of two birds .... I'll fill in the blanks later :)

  1. edit ... Harris's Sparrow
  2. edit ... Ipswich Sparrow - a subspecies of the Savannah Sparrow, which nests only on Sable Island.

edit 5:02pm ... wow ... see Ralph's reply below. There could possibly be many more!


So there you have it ... can anyone name birds that nest exclusively in Canada?

ps ... my list might be wrong and there may be more.

pss I don't think either of these were widely considered for that Canada national bird contest a year or two ago.


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Interesting! From info I have been able to glean, we do have two extant species and two more that are now extinct, or presumed so.

The word 'extant' ... I tried but don't totally understand it. I think it means confined to a region or country. For instance the Ross's Goose may breed only in Canada but it does migrate to USA .... so is it extant to Canada? Confusing.

So I see that would be added to my list above ..... but if anyone reads my comment below .... lets go with only 'Songbirds' for now.

Neat....I think I know one for sure and a good guess as to what the second is, but I will not say right now since you just posted this.

Oh boy ... I am confused myself now. I have had a PM that would make my query above include more birds. Maybe my question that includes the two birds above should have been .... Songbirds that breed only in Canada.

So maybe for now we can stick to songbirds that breed only in Canada. There are only one really I know of ... the second is a subspecies which doesn't really count but still it breeds only in Canada.

Sooooooo ..... any one :)

Sorry for causing any confusion. In the context we are using, extant simply means not extinct. We USED to also have Labrador Duck and Eskimo Curlew that only bred in Canada, but they are no longer extant, i.e. they are extinct :(

Labrador Duck is definitely a goner but it is believed to have been endemic to (present-day) Canada.

There is a very slight chance that an Eskimo Curlew could still exist.

Notwithstanding what Wiki and others say, Whooping Cranes and Ross's Geese both breed in the USA.

There are 1 or 2 bird subspecies endemic to Canada

Looks like Harris's Sparrow gets the gold metal as our only existing endemic species. 

Interesting to check other animals. All 6 of our mammals are rodents.

Great stuff, Ralph!

Thanks Ralph and Denis for the input. Soooooo its looks like I may be able to flipflop once more back to include ALL birds that breed onlly in Canada. So I will add the Harris's Sparrow above to the original post. Both Ralph and Denis named that one (Denis in a PM). So you both win a prize ... the prize is a resounding WTG!!!

soooooooo .... any takers on the bird subspecies that breed only in Canada .... .I can think of one.

Ipswich Sparrow, if I recall correctly.

Ron, you named the subspecies I had in mind also. Yes the Ipswiich Sparrow, a subspecies of the Savannah Sparrow, which nests only on Sable Island. How cool is that? I'll give you a thumbs up too :)

Joanne PM'd me and named the subspecies I had in mind. So she gets a thumbs up!


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