I just had a short visit from a BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER in my backyard. Will post a couple pics shortly. Bird not seen since 1:17pm Campbellton NB

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A rare bird indeed!

Thanks papa ;)

Congrats on a very special bird, Andrew! Looking forward to your images.

Thank you Joanne! And a great time to be looking for rarities with all this unsettled weather and who knows what this northeaster will bring in.

Not the best light, but given the situation, not bad :) ......and a lifer of Course ;)

The bird stayed around for Approx 7 minutes.  Just enough time to drop the groceries on the back steps and run inside for the ol' trusty Canon and binos.  I put some suet out, hoping he would come back but so far, no sign.  He was with a group of chickadees earlier.  Maybe a coincidence but good strategy as he fits in colour wise:)  I'm lucky and happy, I didn't go to Miscou today lol.  Luck is a wonderful thing sometimes!

Wow! Awesome! Congratulations on a wonderful sighting. Is this a first for NB?

Thanks Andrew!!! According to Jim Wilson's, this is only the 4th record for the province.

Considered an accidental bird. Awesome sighting, Andrew!! Those images sure are better than you think.


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