Black-throated Sparrow – Beaubassin Research Station, Tantramar Marsh, April 25

Nicole MacDonald discovered a Black-throated Sparrow at the Beaubassin Research Station this evening at about 7PM. The bird was seen well by Nicole, myself, and several staff at the station until about 830PM. It looked to be in good health and was constantly foraging.

The sparrow was seen foraging around the foundation of the Beaubassin Research Station building and around and even under the vehicles of the station staff.  

As far as I’m aware this is the first record for the Maritimes!

The Beaubassin Research Station is located just east of Aulac. From the Irving Big Stop take Aulac Road east, then turn right onto Brown Road (this is the only way you can turn once you drive down in the marsh). The research station is the white house just across the train tracks. Google directions can be seen here: Staff at the station did not think it would be an issue if birders came to look for the bird, but please be respectful of staff and make sure they have access to their vehicles.


John Klymko

PS: All the pics are Nicoles'

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Amazing find and certainly the first for NB; not certain about NS? One wintered in coastal Maine and was last reported about three weeks ago. Congratulations to Nicole for the find and for getting nice photos and thanks, John, for sharing!!



Awesome!! Beautiful siting & pics!

Nice - very unique looking.

That's a spectacular sighting for New Brunswick!  Good Spotting!

Wow!  Long way from it's normal home in the American south-west!!  One wonders how / why this bird ended in NB???

Wee bird there again today Deb. Sometimes one has to wait 20 - 30 min. between appearances but it's worth it. Today it was seen at the right of the small conifers, in the corner of the conifers, on the little roadway, to the left of roadway and in the little lone conifer just to the left of the upper side of the building. In other words, scan the entire area in front and beside you often.

The Great Egret was spotted by Karen Miller, Dave Putt and I from the highway, on the right in the area of marsh behind the high school, as we entered the Main Street ramp for Sackville. It tends to fly back and forth between the marshes which are on either side of the highway. There are easily accessed trails for each of the marshes. For the one behind the high school, one drives in the entrance, swings around the school then turning toward the left behind the school..... this is the best way to view most of the marsh. Other trail accessed from upper back parking lot of school but viewing from here is limited on the left. Lots of Duck species and Pied-billed Grebes seen both marshes along with Hermit Thrush, Yellow-rumped and Palm Warblers, Tree Swallows, Swamp, Savanah, Song Sparrows and Sora [ the latter just in Waterfowl Park area today].

I would love to know if it's sighting again between now and Sunday. Hubby wants to take me to see it. ;)

Still there today (April 26) in company with White-throated Sparrows and quite a crowd of people, some from quite a long way away, all excited to see this lovely little bird.

Incredible sighting!

Thank you Nicole for the find, and you John, for getting the word out quickly. Karen Miller and I were among those adding a new lifer to our NB lists today. What a very special beauty!!!!


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