Posting this at request of Jimmy Dee and Gail Taylor:

They spotted a Black-throated Sparrow in the parking lot of Canadian Tire on Westmorland Rd in Saint John. Their description matched the species exactly.

The bird, left CTC parking lot, flew over Shopper's Drugs to the Hyundai car dealership where there is an expanse of grass..... they intend to attempt relocation of the bird. 

Joanne Savage


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Wow!!! Again??? Could it be the famous Aulac bird of last spring(2016). Nice sighting guys!

Thanks Jo....Jim and I searched the area along the complete edge of the cemetery/back of the Hyundai building, to the front of the Hyundai parking lot till almost too dark and cannot confiirm another sighting, but we did see a bird about the same size and color (seen only from the back) fly out of the bushes towards the front of the Hyundai parking lot and then lost it.  But there was no doubt in both our minds what we saw on the ground in front of a car in the CTC parking lot when it turned and faced us while taking flight, and having only seen pictures of the Aulac bird last year, we both looked at each other and said that was a Black-throated Sparrow.  Hope someone can try again tomorrow.

To my knowledge, this bird has not been relocated. I know of two folks who tried to do so.


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