So we were sitting having our morning coffee when Kitt asked me what is that!?!?

I looked out and a Blue Grosbeak was sitting in our Ash Tree, then a male Cardinal sat in the tree above him.   

Swallows are checking out our houses , this is an awesome morning , not to mention it's our Wedding Anniversary, what a great present:)

I will have pics to add though they aren't great.

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34 Harley Road , Bloomfield, if you park in our driveway or on the road it was sitting in the ash tree above the driveway , at our feeder and in the Raspberry patch beside the garage.

Just ask you don't block the driveway, thanks.

So far we've had 3 birders show up to view the bird, and with great success they were able to see it.

Thank you, Paul; I've seen fall Blue Grosbeak but the one visiting you is the first one I've seen in breeding plumage.

So far best place for seeing it is near the top half of the Ash Tree beside our driveway, it's a little shy but not to bad.

Well pretty much everyone I know that came out to see the bird saw it, for those who are still interested in coming out please don't block any driveways and you can come on our property but please stay off the neighbours place.

Haven't seen it yet this morning , but it only just stopped raining.

What a beautiful bird!  A gift on your anniversary!

Did anyone get pics of the Grosbeak at our place? Would love to see them.

Also, did anyone go up Saturday or today?  We were away, wondering if anyone saw the Blue Grosbeak Sat or Sunday and/or the BlueBird?

Haven't seen it since, guessing it moved on.


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