I just stumbled on this, I was out of the province but I don't think there was any notification but...Birding New Brunswick, this site, is nominated for a "coolest" blog of the year award.  You can read about it and vote here:


I think it awesome to just be nominated, I had no idea anyone other than our members even knew we existed.  All the time and effort people like Joanne, Denis, Jimmy put into the technical side of the site and ALL the members who have contributed all the content and added all those groups, that make this site my favourite, it hasn't gone unnoticed.  

So click on the link and give us a vote, we'll send Joanne over to the Ale House to pick up the award if we win...if that's required, like I say, I just found out about this.  

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Very cool!!  Thanks for the link so we can easily vote!

It's incredible to me that a birding (nature really) blog could ever be nominated for a "Coolest" award, 20 years ago it'd have been a "Nerdiest" nomination.  We've come a long way.  

Cool! Voted for Birding NB of course! Good Luck.

Awesome ... voted ... good luck!

Wow!! I've voted.

This is great! A well deserved nomination for such a great site. Awesome news! Just put my vote in.

wonderful I just voted....good luck...

I just voted.  Good Luck.

I voted too! This is great!

Great news !! .... :)

Fantastic!!  My vote is in!

Great stuff! I voted too, and shared through social media :)


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