I just stumbled on this, I was out of the province but I don't think there was any notification but...Birding New Brunswick, this site, is nominated for a "coolest" blog of the year award.  You can read about it and vote here:


I think it awesome to just be nominated, I had no idea anyone other than our members even knew we existed.  All the time and effort people like Joanne, Denis, Jimmy put into the technical side of the site and ALL the members who have contributed all the content and added all those groups, that make this site my favourite, it hasn't gone unnoticed.  

So click on the link and give us a vote, we'll send Joanne over to the Ale House to pick up the award if we win...if that's required, like I say, I just found out about this.  

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I just tried to vote for the second time but it didn't seem to work.

If anyone is wondering who won the Salty's 'The Coolest Blog". here is a little screenshot from Twitter from about an hour ago:

I was curious who or what is this "The Manatee" so I checked it out. Have you ever read The Onion? Well this Manatee would be a satirical local NB news blog. I read a few stories ... its well done for what it is. So there ya go. It was cool though that BNB was in the race!

Hi folks, I attended the Salty Awards this evening. We did not win the Coolest Blog category but there was a free beer and some tasty finger food.

Thank you to all the members of this site and those that voted. It's an honour on it's own to have been nominated and to end up on the short list of possibilities. We have a lot of which to be proud!!

beat ya to it by 3 minutes! :) ... but great minds think alike!

Thank you for going Joanne. I didn't know you were doing that. Sounds like a fun time! You deserve a medal for that! You actually were there .... I just looked it up on twitter. If I had known I would have just let you announce it.

I second what Jimmy Dee said.  Thanks Joanne for all you do here, and you too Jimmy Dee, and others I may have missed, but you all know who you are. :)

Gail, thank you for your kind words but it is my belief that BNB is the membership, of which you are one. A large 'Thank You' to that membership, those that submit photos in any facet of nature, those that ask for id,  those that id and/or encourage others by expressing a like or a positive comment, those that participate in any way.. BNB would never have been nominated or on the short list for an award had it not been the active participation of the membership.

Way to Go Joanne!!  It was exciting to be nominated and nice to see so many members involved in voting and chatting!  Sort of a preview of what is to come this spring and summer!!


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