If you are driving north on route 11and have some time, do stop at the Bouctouche sewage lagoons, both are visible and easily accessible from the main Bouctouche exit. Just take the first right almost directly next to the off-ramp and go down the hill and park across from the fish processing plant (Mills I think it is called). I will add this to Sewage Lagoons of New Brunswick: A Birders Guide very soon, with perhaps a good list of what can be seen there. Sound like a good idea?
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View from the new mound made for scoping. I was able to i.d. birds at the far end with binoculars. Very happy to see how well this worked out. Savannah and other sparrows were in grass near the mound. July 25, 2012.

Let's hope this project leads to others around the province. We have been lucky enough to bird in may different areas and viewing platforms at sewage lagoons are quite common...local councils recognize the value of drawing birders to their communities as well as improving their "green" image. Kudos to those who have pushed this through!

A great idea re further publication.

Sounds like a great idea, Denis. I hope other communities emulate Bouctouche. Birders are, perhaps, a unique group that include local landfills, composting sites and lagoons routinely in their travels. All such areas are a gathering spot for birds.Hats off to Bouctouche for recognizing the potential of drawing birders to their community [we all tend to drop a few $ on our travels]!!!

I spent my winter of 2011-2012 living in Bouctouche and I visited this spot quite regularly. I saw an American Wigeon here for the first time, and the more common species, like Bufflehead.

Glad to see that you have it on this list for a birding hotspot.

Jan. 6, 2016 - Over the last year or so, I recall seeing at this lagoon: American Black Duck, Mallard, Greater Scaup, Lesser Scaup, Ring-Necked Duck, Northern Shoveller, Bufflehead Ducks, Common Goldeneye, Barrow's Goldeneye, Northern Pintail, Green-Winged Teal,Savannah Sparrow, Red-Winged Black Birds, Cedar Waxwings, Bald Eagle, Ring-Billed Gull, Bonaparte Gull, Canada Goose ( Goose nesting between the 2 lagoons), the changes of the seasons brings different visitors to this lagoon. There is what appears to be a small man-made pond next to the lagoon, which gets a variety of ducks in the winter. At the south east corner of the lagoon, there is a flow of water,going into the Bouctouche River, I have noticed White-Rumped Sandpipers there.


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