I enjoyed feeding one Brown Thrasher from Nov. 2015 until mid April 2016. I am hoping to see two of these in the fall.?? It was n achievement for me to keep my new little friend all winter. I enjoyed comments from other birders over the winter. Thanks so much. Looking forward to birding this summer.

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Might happen Freda or might never happen again. You did a great job caring for it.

I did the same, over-wintering a Thrasher from Dec 2014 to April 2015.  Bird lived in a cedar hedge and came to feed everyday from out suet feeders.

If you saw my posts, I saw one at our feeder, last evening about 7:30 pm

Kewl John!  May be that very same Thrasher that had visited back in 2014/15 one never knows.   Would love to see a brown thrasher.  Is the Baltimore oriole still around also?

No Gail, the BO was only around for that one day.  Must have kept on going.

Also, so far today the Thrasher has not returned.

Nice to hear from you again John. You were one of my cheerleaders last winter. Thanks! Our home is surrounded by cedar hedges. Great shelter for all the birds. Enjoy your summer.


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