I am thinking about purchasing a pair of these binoculars at Henrys Canada.  They are presently on sale for $179.99 reg. $239.99, but was wondering if anyone on here has them or knows someone that owns a pair.  

The reviews are pretty positive other than a few minor things about the covers not staying on consistently, and that they are the older, bulky, style, but not as heavy as some of the folks thought they would be.  

Any pros and cons you may have would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!.

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I see there is a new versions of Natureview, are you looking at the porro or roof prism?  I'd try to compare them to the Vortex Diamondback 8x42 if you could. Vortex has a no fault lifetime warranty. They're a bit more but may be worth it.  

Hopefully you can try those models out before you buy.  Cabbalas might have both in stock if you're in Moncton.  

or BassPro, I've seen some at Basspro that were decent prices.

My thoughts are as Dwayne's.... compare before purchasing; I will admit to being very pleased with my Vortex Diamondback.

Thanks Dwayne, Paul and Jo.....I need to buy at Henrys as I have a gift card for there, and they do price matching as well.  Dwayne, I think I would prefer the roof prisms, and I would like to try them out before I purchase them.  I have had a chance to use the Nikon Monarch 5 at the PLBO and they are very nice.  JD has Vanguard Endeavors, which are really nice, and I like your Vortex Diamondbacks too Jo.......keeping my eyes on those to go on sale.  Henrys has the Monarch 5 on right now for $399, but the lady told me to keep an eye out around Easter and fathers day for better sales.  Henrys does not sell the Vortex products.  Paul I will check out Basspro the next time I am in Moncton and Halifax.  So thanks again for all the tips!

I have an old pair of nature views that are poor quality. The current model looks much better. If shopping at Henry's, I would compare with the Monarch 3.

Thanks Todd for the suggestion on the Natureview.  I was told also about Celestron Trailseeker, and that they are a nice binocular as well, but again Henrys doesn't carry that on-line either.  They may have these in their stores in Dartmouth and Halifax.  I will have to give them a call to see if they carry other makes in store that are not on-line.   I am becoming overwhelmed with the choices, but ultimately I have to decide.


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