Just noticed I forgot to change my camera setting to Daylight Savings Time ... so just reminding others who forgot or who like to keep the setting current.

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Nov 3, 2013. Don't forget to adjust the time in your  camera settings. Daylight Savings Time has ended. Good to keep EXIF and time-stamps accurate.


Just noticed I forgot to switch camera back to Daylight Savings Time ... just a reminder to everyone ... you know what to do!

I guess if you procrastinate long enough things get easier, I hadn't changed it last fall.  

Its that time again ... adjust your camera's time. DST has ended. May as well keep the time stamps accurate. Setting mine right ........ NOW! :)

Dwayne ... ignore this as usuaal ... your SX50 HS will be correct March 8, 2015 at 2:00 AM.

Funny guy, I may change it if I stumble across that setting some day, as long as it's not too close to March 8...then what's the point.  

I once went a whole summer without changing the wall clock in the shop, it drove my helper nuts.  The battery's been dead for a year now.  

I do like having the date correct though, helps with the deteriorating memory. 

Dwayne your camera's time should now be correct (as it is 6 months a year) ... everyone else don't forget to set the DST on your camera so Exif (the date/time stamp) is correct. My bi-yearly reminder to all.


Next change - Sunday Nov 1, 2015 ... on hour backward - DST ends.

Don't forget to adjust camera to proper time so your Exif data is accurate. DST has ended so back to normal time for the camera too. Wouldn't hurt to check those smoke detector batteries every six months while your at it. Next time change is Sunday March13, 2016 at 2:00 AM.


Daylight Savings Time begins sooooooooo ... don't forget to set camera time so you have an accurate timestamp of photos. I'll be back Nov 6, 2016 for a reminder to set the time back. Dwayne your camera will either be correct for the next 8 months ... or not ... I forget.

Funny ... I never realized before that the DST lasted 8 months and regular time (non-DST) was for 4 months. Imagine that! I just assumed it was every 6 months.

Have you all gone into your camera MENU and adjusted camera date/time to Daylight Savings Time? I'm a little behind and am just doing it right ......... NOW! Its really nice sometimes to know the proper date and time images were taken. Dwayne I think yours is set properly now. My bi-yearly reminder .... better late than never! Its SPRING! YAY!

I always have my camera set to UTC.

It's always correct, anywhere in the world.


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