Just noticed I forgot to change my camera setting to Daylight Savings Time ... so just reminding others who forgot or who like to keep the setting current.

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Thats interesting Ralph. So if understand it correctly, you set your camera to UTC with no adjustment (-3 or -4 depending on DST). I get that.

Lets say you dump a bunch of images to your hard drive ... and look at them 3 years later. I know the Exif will tell the tale but just looking at the time stamp in file details, I wouldn't think you would know right off what time they were taken locally?

I'll have to look into that option which I've never thought of.  One camera I have has an option to set it to DST- Yes or No ........... the other has none of that and I have to  adjust the time 1 hour ahead or back. Hmmmmmm ... your option is interesting.

Generally you would know in which time zone the pics were taken so no problem.

DST is legislated. It's the same every year (2nd Sunday of March - 1st Sunday of November), so if you know the date you should know the local time, if it matters. 

Personally, I find that the actual photo time means very little. What's more important is relating pictures to each other ..... "this was later than that by an hour" ..... that sort of thing.

A time stamp definitely helps in tracking modifications to files and comparing files during copying and shuffling but it doesn't matter if it's local time or something else.

I know people that use UTC exclusively so that they can file photos and reference them by time/date, no matter in which portfolio they might reside. 

Technology gives us too many choices.

An interesting discussion re spring one's camera's time ahead, back or use UTC. I'm having enough trouble adjusting myself! I am one who wonders, why we have to deal with time changes at all. 

I never bother to change my own clocks except if I must replace a battery. I figure the clock and "official" time will get together before too long.

So I'm with you, Joanne, there's entirely too much adjusting going on.


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