Can anyone tell me what kind of duck this is. I've never seen such a light colored duck. I photographed it at the Sackville Waterfowl park this afternoon.

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Hi Odette,

It's a Gadwall

Thanks, Are they normally that color at certain times of the season or is this like an albino, a male I'm guessing with the black rump?

You are correct regarding the male having a black rump which has no white. Gadwall are a light coloured Duck with very subtle pattern of the plumage.

From what I can see, this duck *may* be a little paler than usual. However, based on the water's appearance, the picture is overexposed, making it look paler than it actually is. That said, the colours all seem to be in the right place, so there may not be any leucism ("partial albinism") in this individual. Others may say differently.

Yes, I agree the photo is a bit overexposed but the bird was very light in color compared to the others to the naked eye.  Thanks for your input!


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