Twice this summer, I have seen a bird that I can't seem to find a match for in my bird ID app or online. Both times I saw it I was in a car and couldn't get a picture. The first sighting was along the highway between Moncton and Sussex. The second time was along the highway between Hampton and Quispamsis.

It is a fairly large bird, similar in size to an osprey, but with long tapered wings. From below, the head and wings are dark, most likely brown but could be black. The belly is white with no pattern. It appears to have buff or rust coloured feathers on the upper part of the legs. I seem to remember the tail being rounded or pointed but it could have been square. I didn't get to see the beak shape.

Since I didn't get a picture, I drew what I remember the bird looking like. One search I did online came up with a rare Falcon visitor from Europe but it wasn't quite right. I thought I would pick your brains.

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Can't take the time to read all the comments, but... I see Peregrine Falcons around the compost facility in Penobsquis.  Cardwell Farms on 114 but you see the piles from the highway.  


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