Hi Everyone,

I am selling my 100-400. This lens has been owned by me for several years and has only received occasional use (mostly at the hawk watch). It only shows wear in one very small area where it rubbed against a clip on my pants. This occurred while walking with it on my side one day. Otherwise, it is in great shape. Most of its life has been spent stashed away in its Lowe Pro bag. 

The lens is being sold do to lack of need. I am asking $1100 for it. Canadian retailers are currently showing a list for these at $2700. Please drop me a note here if you have interest. 

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Todd, you mention that you have had this lens for several years so is this the 1st model or the 2nd model? 

Ralph, I believe it is the second. Will have to look for a receipt or find some other way to identify the model. It was purchased about four years ago. 

It would be printed around the lens barrel, near the front of the lens:

100-400mm  1:4.5-5.6 L  IS  Ultra Sonic  or

100-400mm   1:4.5-5.6  L  IS  II  USM

The earlier model is Push/Pull (Trombone) style focus.

The latest model has the twist style focus.

The earlier model should also have a manufacture date code marked on the lens mount. U will be the first letter.

It is marked 100-400mm 1:4.5-5.6 L IS Ultra Sonic. Focus is twist style.

I'm sorry that I misspoke, Todd. I should have said the 2 models use trombone or twist for the zoom, not for the focus.

OK. The zoom is trombone. I have not found the date code. 

This lens has sold.


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