CANON POWERSHOT SX50 HS -- Blank/Black screen even with lens cover off

HELP....Calling all SX50 HS owners.  Went to a wedding yesterday and got a final shot of the "Just Married Mud Truck" and bam my screen went blank/black, and still is.  Cannot figure out what might be wrong.  Did a little checking on line, but lens is not dirty or scratched.  I hope it is not serious.  Wasn't able to take pictures of odes today, but I was able to save one from drowning with my net so I felt good that I was able to help the Emerald.  Did see that it was a male!

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Gail, this is exactly what happened to my first SX50 HS. Just went black one night while photographing moths. Both the viewfinder and the flip out LCD screen were blank although they did display info about the image, just not the image itself. My SX50 was way past warranty and I had taken a gazillion photos with it during the two years I had it. I was told that a repair would be around $250 so instead of doing that I found a good used one on Kijiji for $150. 

Before giving up, make sure you try taking the battery out of your camera for a few seconds and then putting in back in. Turn the camera on and try pressing the 'DISP' button a few times. There's a small chance that might solve the problem but if not you may have to go with the repair or replace option. Please let us know how you make out.

Good suggestions Stu. I mentioned that Disp button too but I don't have a SX50. Gail told me that both the viewfinder and LCD went black so sounds kinda like what happened to yours.

Check "Canon Rumors" and click on Forum.

Problem could be a stuck shutter. Solutions on the forum.

(I use the very useful Nikon Rumors, lists problems and recalls)

Thanks Stu, JD and Tony.  I looked a bit today for solutions, but it is hard to do at work.   The past year or so my zoom in and out on the shutter button gets "sticky" at times and so not sure if that would have anything to do with the shutter button.  I wonder if I put everything back to the default settings would that help any.  Tony, I went on the Canon Rumors Forum, and my searches for Stuck Shutter turned up "0" results.  Maybe I did not search it right.  I'm not much of a techy person.   I looked at a few on-line suggestions for Canon SX50 HS black screen where it said to put dial on anything but auto and look down into the lens while turning off or covering the auto flash and you should be able to see some light when you click the shutter button.  When I clicked the button I could see a pencil size dot of light turn to black when the button was pressed all the way down and came back to the point size when released.  I have a gift card for Henrys in Halifax, and have been wanting to use it; well now I guess I can use it to get my camera fixed.

Lots of discussion here, scroll down:

Thanks Tony, went thru all those reviews and everyone says the same to buy new or get a refurbished.  Everything works like is does if you were going to take a picture except the screen and viewfinder is black.  The only thing I notice is that when I push the shutter button down and to take a picture, the button doesn't go down real smooth--there is a bit of resistance and then you hear the click.  I have had that before at times during colder weather, but the screen and viewfinders worked.  When I was taking photos during the wedding I would hit the shutter button and there was a slight pause and then it clicked so I missed the good part of the photo because of the delay.  I was playing around with settings and wonder if I may have turned something on or off to make the screen go blank.  I certainly have to get something camera is a bad thing especially during Ode season!

Gail, check out this posting at Steve's Camera which offers a possible remedy for a stuck shutter which could just possibly be your problem. I'm going to dig out my 'broken' SX50 HS and give it a try when I have time.

Click HERE

Thanks Stu....working on it, but I don't know much about all these settings and where to find them.....will look them up in the online manual.  Will give anything a go right about now.  Much appreciated!

I am so green when it comes to this stuff.  It is terrible that I have not yet read through the online manual for this camera.  No wonder I have trouble with own fault.

Step 1 -- It says to shut off all that drains battery such as Flash, LCD Display and image stabilizer. 

I have gone into menu settings to turn off flash and have all the settings on off but it still flashes. 

The button on the back of the camera opposite the record button for the LCD display is off, but is there a setting in the menu that should be turned to "off" as well???

Haven't ever seen anything in the menu settings that shows how to turn off image stabilizer.

Gail, the instructions are not as clear as they should be and I think they were written for digital cameras in general, not specifically the SX50. Here's the short version as I understand it:

1. Turn the dial on the top of your camera to 'M' (Manual). 

2. Turn the camera on.

3. Keep your flash down and your LCD screen closed (that shuts off the power to them)

4. Push the 'Menu' button and then scroll down (by turning the wheel on the back of your camera) through the various settings until you get to 'IS Settings' (IS stands for Image Stabilization). 

5. Press the 'Func/Set' button in the middle of the wheel on the back. This will bring up a new screen with 'IS Mode' selected in orahge and 'Continuous' selected as the IS Mode. You want to change the IS Mode from Continuous to 'Off'. You can do this by pushing the little timer icon on the right side of the wheel on the back until 'Off' is selected as the IS Mode. Now press the Menu button on the back TWICE. You're ready to take a picture.

6. Take a picture of anything. Then wait seven seconds and open the battery door on the bottom of the camera for a few seconds and close it again. 

7. That's the procedure. he says if it doesn't work then retry several more times. It sounds fishy to me but perhaps it works sometimes and you certainly have nothing to lose by trying it except a few minutes of your time.

Good luck and let us know how you make out!

Black screen seems to be a common problem with that camera; a fault of the camera.

I would write to Canon and complain, request a free fix or a new camera.

My Nikon D600 was continually depositing oil drops on the sensor; complaints to Nikon resulted in a new (free) D610

Nikon even repaired my old P&S because of a faulty sensor.

Thanks for all the tips and help Tony....much appreciated.  You and Stu certainly have more experience with cameras than I have.  Do you think it would be better to write Canon, or to call and ask to talk to someone in management?  Sometimes when you write things have a tendency to sit on desks and then get lost.  I am seriously thinking about it,  done those type of calls many times over the years for this and that although nothing like a camera, and it is amazing the results one can get.  It certainly cannot hurt and I have nothing to lose.   I'll tell them I'm going to buy a Nikon if they don't fix my camera or provide a new one.  I should ask for a new or refurbished SX60 HS.  That model was just released last year I think it was. 


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