CANON POWERSHOT SX50 HS -- Blank/Black screen even with lens cover off

HELP....Calling all SX50 HS owners.  Went to a wedding yesterday and got a final shot of the "Just Married Mud Truck" and bam my screen went blank/black, and still is.  Cannot figure out what might be wrong.  Did a little checking on line, but lens is not dirty or scratched.  I hope it is not serious.  Wasn't able to take pictures of odes today, but I was able to save one from drowning with my net so I felt good that I was able to help the Emerald.  Did see that it was a male!

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I did read in one of Tony's links where someone did get a new SX50 after contacting Canon. The warranty was expired.

Also I am sure I read somewhere in the last year, after reading many reviews, that the SX50 was superior to the SX60. Others will know better than me on that as all my cameras are Nikon.

Go for it, Gail! Don't forget to tell them what a big Canon fan you have been all your life and that you are involved in a camera discussion group at Birding NewBrunswick! Good luck!

Hi Stu, Thanks for the great instructions, and for your help.  Did you try this on your old one?  I followed instructions exactly...I may have been a tad off on the secs.  I count using 1/1000ths for seconds.  I did that about 8 times and then double check everything again and did it another 5 more times.  No change.   I'll keep trying it off and on in sequences of 10 times.  I don't think I can hurt anything here. 

My battery charges up, but I have been using this one battery since I purchased the camera 3 yrs ago.  If it charges and it works, that should be OK.  I didn't buy any extra, and there were many times I wish I had an extra one.

That battery should be fine, Gail, but you can pick up off-brand batteries for about $10 at eBay or Amazon if you want a back-up. The seven seconds is just an approximate time I would imagine so no need to be exact. I would even try one or two seconds as well just in case that works. 

Tony's advice is sound. Emailing Canon about your issue could very well result in an offer to repair or replace for free especially if it is a frequent problem with this model. Again, you have nothing to lose by trying. Even if they offer to repair or replace for free this could take weeks so you could pick up a used one for the interim. I see that Henry's Camera in Toronto has a used one for sale for $199 and I think they offer free shipping.

Yes indeed, I am going to take your advice Tony, and send off a nice email tomorrow to Canon.  Emailing  would have faster results than calling.  I think those monster companies have someone sitting right there at a computer and their primary job is to review/filter through emails asap and get action happening.  I will go on line to see if I can find a customer service email address, and try to get the ball rolling so I can get back out there and get snapping pics of odes. 

I will check out Henrys in Toronto for that used camera Stu...thanks for finding that.

Thanks again, Stu, Tony, and JD for your research, links, and recommendations.  You have been tremendous, and I just feel that something good will come out of this camera failure.  Just a feeling.....THE END!

Hi folks, I contacted Canon Canada and told them my dilemna with my SX50 HS, and it didn't seem to matter what I said they were not going to fix my camera for FREE.  They offered to fix it for $149 and when I said is that the best you can do then he said they could take another 20% off, and they would also take care of the shipping to them and back....and so I thought I better take that offer before they change their minds hahaha, and if I wanted a camera this season that was the best deal I figure, or pay $199 for starters anywhere else for a refurbished SX50 camera or even repairs and I thought it best to send to the makers of the product for repairs as they should know best, but do they really???. 

So it went off today back to Canon Canada, and they said it would take 7 to 10 working days.  Hopefully I will be back in action photographing Odes very soon.  The camera my boss' wife loaned me uses AA batteries like crazy so I will just be the spotter for this weekend :).

Glad it's worked out, Gail. You'll be back in business soon!

Thanks Jo, Stu and Ralph.....I got an invoice for repair via e-mail from Canon on late Thursday so I called them and gave them $137 for repairs.  They told me that I would receive another email with a tracking number once it is shipped back to me, so probably tomorrow as it was close to the weekend. 

We haven't done much ode searching in the past month.  JD let me use one of his cameras, and I spotted the great Dragonhunter resting on a monster rock and a female Canada Darner ovipositing in the mud along the shoreline at McDougall Lake last weekend, and today we saw a Variable Darner in a local pond area in New England Settlement.  It will be nice to have my camera back in working order! 

Good for you, Gail! It sounds like your final cost will be around $120 which seems like a great deal plus the turnaround time is pretty short. You'll be back in business before you know it with a good-as-new camera!

Any word yet, Gail?


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