my 1 rst female northern  cardinal at ground feeder on Martin st Moncton NB -

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If first ever, I will offer my congratulations Mike!!

oh no,, I lived in Ontario and Quebec;;they were plentiful there,,almost everytime I go St john I see one too,,in Moncton they are rare

Still congrats.... for one in YOUR yard!

thank you,,she is beautiful

Cool Mike, I just saw my first female in Campbellton at a fellow birder's place.  Not a common occurence up here in the north country.  I used to see them in my backyard in Fredericton in the mid to late 90's.  Here's hoping they keep expanding there range.  There is also a Carolina Wren in Matapedia Quebec visiting a lady's yard.  Has been there for over a month. 

I m originaly from c'ton,thanks for sharing,,, yes,,there was always a rare  cardinal sighting in region every year,,,Manns nusery in tide head use   to have one around back then  ...I've also seen 7 scarlet tanagers togheter in Flatlands in late aug  in 1990's


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