The ownership of the ning platform, which this site uses has recently changed and the new owners apparently have instituted new pricing rates. Is this going to affect Birding NB? One photography site says the rate increase is around 1900%. If this is fact, is there anything that can be done to keep this site going?

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That's a substantial increase by any means.  I don't see an 'About Us' link on this site or any Administrator bio, so

am wondering, along the same lines, who owns this site and/or if it gets any government funding at all?

Nobody "owns" the site, as far as I'm concerned, it's all your content, I do pay for it, it's not really a secret, I never thought to do a bio, there are several admins.  

The increase in rates is all news to me, hopefully just rumour.  Our fees haven't changed since day one, except fluctuation in the Canadian dollar....the site costs $25 US, per month, I right it of to advertising or good will, I suppose since I don't advertise on this site.  

Fingers crossed it's rumour, I'll let you all know as soon as I know... I can't afford 25x19 times the exchange for sure.  

There is no government funding, I doubt the red tape would be worth the effort to apply.  

If you click on the Powered by NING link at the bottom, then PRICING, I think the plan we have now may have increased to $49, but so far we've been "grandfathered" on all these changes, but $49 is certainly doable.  Maybe these other sites are just looking to start charging members??  Again, hopefully rumour.  


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