Correction: i spotted hummers minutes after I posted!

Since the rose breasted grosbeaks came last week, our plan is to shut down the feeder soon till fall. I'm curious to find what others do.
Approx 2 weeks ago I spotted an American bittern in a neighbour's yard. It's been 2 years since I have been lucky enough to spot one. This one however was across the road - not near the river. It was quite determined to stand still as a post until I left the scene. I have yet to see a pair.

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I keep my feeders out year round. It is the best way to observe the regulars and spring/summer visitors.

I remove mine around June 1st and start feeding again around September 1st however do keep the hummingbird feeders out throughout the summer and into late fall. Bird bath is out year round.
I find keeping the feeders going all year creates a dependence. Momma wood pecker patiently teaching baby how to use the sunflower feeder. The other problem is the hawks preying on the young although both feeders are sheltered. Kind of like providing a fast food drive through for the prey birds. The hummer feeders stay available until they decide to stop using. Not sure if that is sound thinking for the hummers though.

We bring our feeders in once the buds begin to pop out but that is mainly because of our high pigeon population.  We just placed our hummingbird feeders out today.  

Pigeons are a big reason why I take mine down too Deborah.

I know they have to eat too but they make it impossible to sit on our deck or backyard, unfortunately.  We still get lots of small visitors to our trees and they enjoy the berries on the Weeping Cypress and sit in the silk lilac and hedges.  


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