Could you please help me identify this hawk . It took down a pigeon  (I think ) . Occured in St. Stephen on Friday , Feb.9 ,2018 .

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I think it is a Cooper's Hawk. Provided that is indeed a pigeon, it is certainly too large for a Sharp-shinned Hawk, its close but smaller relative. Let's see what others say.

I agree with you, Denis.

Cooper's Hawk, size suggests female. Can you provide an exact location?

It was in St. Stephen , NB . 

An exact location would be a civic address, GPS points or proximity to a known as well as easily observed landmark. This information is not important. I was mostly curious, and as an area resident, I might look for the bird during my regular visits to town. This could be a wintering bird (most likely) or a local nester.

It was near the hospital . 

Thanks. That is very helpful.


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