Picked this flyer up yesterday at Danny's in Beresford.  Hope some of you will vote and also pass this along.  It would be great to see this place brought back to what it used to be.  There is some stiff competition so we need a lot of help.  Thanks for taking the time to look.   There are several ways to vote as you will see below.  Thanks all

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Hi Andrew,

Not sure whether it's the computer I am on or the version of flash or whatever, but I don't seem to see the flyer. Any other links or suggestions to get to where we can vote? Daly Point is an awesome spot and I would certainly dearly love to see it brought back up to snuff. Thanks for sharing!

Yea having trouble attaching it :(  I copied and pasted it but when I preview it, it disappears.....Any suggestions

sorry for glitch folks

No worries, Andrew. Your link worked. I have voted and it was my pleasure to do so.


Great Denis, it didn't seem to accept my pdf file and was unable to convert to an acceptable file

Denis seems to have had some luck.... I end up nowhere near voting for Daly Point Nature Reserve but in a tire ad.  Can you share your secret Denis???

I get your point Tony. I am not sure I entirely agree with the phraseology used in the contest flyer. I certainly agree that one would not want to make sensitive zones within the reserve more accessible than they where in the past by creating poorly thought out infrastructure and call that development.

That said, if certain infrastructure (such as boardwalk) was originally put in place to stop people from treading on salt marsh (for example) and that has fallen into disrepair, it should now either be removed and that area made inaccessible (or posted off-limits), or repaired so that it can continue to serve the function for which it is designed. I have not been there often enough to know whether that is indeed what we are talking about, so it would be good to know. Also, buildings where folks meet to partake in outdoor education activities may need repairs and I for one would certainly be in favour of that kind of repair or "re-development", if you will. Perhaps you can comment more as to whether the original "development" was more of a hindrance or a help to nature, in particular to the Maritime Ringlet butterfly, since I suspect you have spent a great deal more time there than I have.

Here's an update on the contest that ran last spring called "Fuel the Cause" Contest.  Although The Daly Point Nature Reserve did not win the first prize, Bridgestone decided to award 10,000 dollars to help "Environmental Activities" including, building an extension to the Welcome center and adding picnic shelters and benches for the public.  Sounds like the impact on the natural environment will be minimal and these upgrades should be a win/win for the Park.  Here's the link to the article below if anyone's interested.  Sorry for the delay but just thought about it today.



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