I see so many deer this time of year on the highway, and it make me so nervous.  Especially between Moncton and up through to Fredericton.

At one time, we had 20 on the side of the road and they were on the road as well. We had to drive with our emergency lights on to at least inform the other drivers to slow down.

I just wish that there was something that can be done to protect them.

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I like your post Lisa but agree as to the problems of encountering Deer on roadways. I am a resident of the Kennebecasis Valley. Here, we have a huge Deer problem... in ALL seasons the Deer roam at anytime of day or night. Don't get me wrong, I love them as a creature in Nature but their sheer numbers and 24 hr. roaming 365 days a year are a danger both to them and to humans. Crinkled cars, and worse, crippled animals are a fact of life here.


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