I'm looking to a bit of (very basic) close-up photography at my desk, and need suggestions on a dual light source. Maybe someone has a lab-type machine with the two arms and are willing to part with it, or another suggestion altogether?

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Thanks, Tony, I will muddle through.

hello Chris,
What type of camera are you using some(my D7000 Nikon) have a off flash sync so my Nikon flash will work of camera. ultimately the macro ring flash that attaches to the end of the lens is the best way to go though pricey$$. Having a dedicated flash helps immensely with light control.
hope this helps

Terry, I have a Canon Eos Rebel XS with a Tamron AF 90mm macro lens.

I just found out that Bed, Bath and Beyond carries clip-on LED lights for $20 or $25, low illumination (18 and 24), of course, but these might do the trick for me.

Hello Chris,

I came across this on amazon, not sure, but it may do the trick and it is not expensive?!



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