If I thought someone was dumping wood, branches, shells, dirt (mounds of them) on wetland property, who would I contact?

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I would say the prov. dept of the environment, wetlands division. General inquiries number is 506-453-2690. You may find yourself talking to one of our members here :)
Is this a coastal wetland you are talking about? If so, the dumping of the materials you describe, while perhaps not entirely benign (especially if we are talking of large amounts), mimics what occurs naturally with higher tides. Just a thought.
It's coastal.... kind of. There's an inlet of water then a road that crosses it... this property is on the other side of the road. I actually saw them dumping there last year but thought it was at the edge of their empty lot. Recently we've been looking at property lines because theee is a teail going in and I joticed the land these people were dumping on is wetland. I know Nature Conservacy owns the inlet part of the marsh but not sure if they own this part as well.

Did you happen to take any pictures? 

I did... to show hubby. But

I just noticed all the typos in this... darn phone, lol

It kind of sounds like someone is trying to "reclaim" or in-fill a wetland, which is happening all along the east coast of NB and we are losing a lot of salt marshes this way. I hope you have a good discussion with DOE.

I was transferred to Terry Fisher and he was great... very familiar with the spot I'm talking about. He's going to come out and take a look.

Good stuff, Deb.
Great work, Deb! We all need to be diligent in monitoring and protecting our fresh and saltwater wetlands from even these small scale activities which collectively have a major impact.


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