A friend reported sighting of three (3) Eastern Bluebirds at his property in Upper Little Ridge, Charlotte County.

As well, I'm still seeing Eastern Phoebe hunting for flying insects aroung my old barn.

Seems late for these insect hunters to still be this far north?

Mayfield, Charlotte County, NB

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Even after we have hard freeze-up those fellows manage to locate insects sheltering in cracks and crevices.

It's surprising how many insects will be out and about whenever there is a bit of warm(er) weather.

The Eastern Phoebe is perhaps our latest regular flycatcher. I expect to see them around camp well into the deer season.

Kinglets are equally late travellers and a fair number regularly over-winter.

Yes, I've seen Kinglets in the woods, late November during deer hunting trips.

Today, I was out in my yard and noticed five birds perched on my woods trailer.  One was on the top of each wheel and there was another bird perched on three of the four corner posts.  Birds were acting very much like Eastern Bluebirds, which was confirmed with binoculars.  I've never seen any around here this late....!

The nesting pair I had here this summer fledged three chicks, and all five of them continued to stay around this area for some time after.  Is there any chance that the five I saw today was the same family group??

Spotted TWO Male Eastern Bluebirds in our Bass River Point yard Oct. 21st. They hung around all day until dusk. We have never had them visit before and have lived here 45 years. Beautiful beyond words.

Yes, they are beauties! 


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