I really like to read EXIF info sometimes as it helps to understand how a photo was taken, which in turn will help to hopefully take better images. I had to download the image and then view the EXIF info on my computers software. Not any more.

"Jeffrey's Exif Viewer" makes it easy ... GO TO http://regex.info/exif.cgi  ... then look in the top right corner of that link. Below is a SCREENSHOT of what you will see. From that link above... drag that green EXIF box to your bookmarks toolbar (or your Favourites) to create a new bookmark. Don't use the screenshot below to do that ... do it from the link above.

Now, you no longer have to go to the link above to view EXIF info ... do it with one click of the mouse.

When you are looking at an image on BNB website (no need to open the image in a new window) .... just click the bookmark (or favourite) you just created above. It will automatically open the EXIF info in a new window.

Below is a SCREENSHOT of what you will see if you go to the link above:


This works most of the time if you are looking at a page with one image on it .... if there are several images then it doesn't know which one to use ..... in that case open the one image you want in a new window by itself and then click your EXIF bookmark.

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Hi Jim, I tried this, is there some pics it doesn't work on?  the date that is.  I tried to find the date of the White-crowned Sparrow that was just added.  Worked for the Merlin though. Thanks.  

It depends .. some photo editing programs delete it ... some ppl want to hide it ... so yes some pics don't work. It just depends on if the EXIF data is embedded in the photo. If the info is in the image ... then the link will extract it.

Great post and great info Jimmy. Thanks.

You are welcome Chris. Posted this 3 - 1/2 years ago I see. I use it still most every day.

Hi Jimmy, Can this be used to look at images that are not online, ie on my own computer? Thx. Joanne

Yes Joanne. First go to the link http://regex.info/exif.cgi

In the second box where it says "or check a file on your local disk..." ... click the Browse button and you'll be prompted to select a file from your computer. Once that is done then click the box "View image from file" ... then it will upload the file and display the Exif.

Just a tip ... if you have a fast upload internet connection no problem ... but if you have a slow one it will take a long time to upload for instance a 6Mb file. So in that case you are better off to resize you image to a smaller size beforehand.


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