With the fall migration well underway there is sure to be lots of head scratching.

Some people love the challenges and others dread those nondescript adults and juveniles. So here are a couple of birds for practice.

2 hints: they are all different birds but all the same species. They are warblers.

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Nice!! Great fall quiz stuff. Many thanks for posting. I will message you my answer.

One Warbler that REALLY changes it's appearance from breeding plumage to fall plumage!

Doubly confusing because it can be near impossible to distinguish between young males and fall females.  

this is why I like birding in the Spring....

There are challenges enough year-round, Paul, to confound & confuse me.

With nearly 200 views but only 2 people willing to venture an opinion, I'll make it easy. Were you right?

Cape May?

As you said, you like spring birding. It's definitely "May", Paul.


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