I found this feather near our cottage in Little Shemogue in mid August. I think it's a tail feather from a hawk. Can anyone help identify it?

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It certainly looks like a feather from a bird of prey. I think possibly an owl due to the frayed look to the edge of the wider vane on the left side of the feather in the picture. That could also be wear and tear but it looks like some of the other owl feathers I've seen.
Also, that shape of feather is more of a wing (flight) feather. Tail feathers tend to have the shaft closer to the middle. You can even tell that this one came from the left wing. With the feather in the position that it is in in the picture, with the shaft closer to the right hand edge and the tip curved to the left, it would be from the left wing. The narrower edge of the feather is the edge that would point away from the bird's body.
Hope that helps some in identification.

This was posted in another forum category, too.


I suggested Great Horned Owl.

Cool, thanks :)


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