We have not been home long and the feeder bird density has suffered because we were not here to feed them.  We have this morning early:

1 white throated sparrow

2 savanna sparrows

2 song sparrows

1 white crowned sparrow

3 juncos

3 pine siskins

2 cardinals

2 blue jays

5 mourning doves

50+ goldfinches

3 pairs of purple finches

1 otter, early in the morning

Seen recently: bald eagles, red tailed hawk, northern harrier hawk, palm warbler, black and white warbler

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Nice list, Looking forward to seeing the White-Crowned Sparrows in my backyard.  One of my favourite spring visitors and the Black and White Warbler seems early but maybe not for your location. 

Usually the palm warblers first,  they are here now,  then the black and white, then the myrtles, the black throated greens and then the rest of them. I have not been feeding until now so I don't have what I usually have,  but there seem to be plenty around. The ospreys have been seen.


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