A female Painted Bunting is coming to feeders at my Aunt and Uncle's [ Gwen and Clint Galley] home on Red Head Road Saint John. Civic # is 2453 Red Head Rd. Phone number available by contacting me. Civic # is displayed on a green mailbox at the corner of the house; an artificial snowman sits beside the mailbox.

The feeders are on the clothesline at the back of the house; the bird has trouble with the silo type feeder but is feeding on the gazebo feeder frequently.

Gwen called me yesterday afternoon regarding a green bird coming to the feeders; I was not able to check it out until this AM nor could I find someone else to do so. Shortly after 0815 today I arrived and so did the bird. Merv was also there and has several photos.

Photo by Merv


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Great bird Joanne! Thank you for sharing the info quickly so that many can enjoy. Thanks Merv for the nice shots.

Thanks Gilbert, a new NB species for me as well ass for several others that viewed it today. Actually it's been a downright exciting day!!!

This bird remains at feeders behind 2453 Red Head Rd. today. Excellent viewing if one drives to the back of the house; birders welcome anytime. The bird is not shy.

The Bunting remains at same address today.

This bird remains at same address this afternoon. Homeowners still enjoying those that come to view it.

The bird remains at 2453 Red Head Rd. Saint John this morning. As some folks are hoping it will be around for the weekend, I'll continue to provide daily updates until Sunday.

The Bunting has been visiting the feeders at 2453 Red Head Rd. Saint John since 7:30 this morning. It is reported to look just fine after this cold night.

The Bunting remains alive and well this morning.

The Bunting has survived a cold night and has been feeding since 7:30 on this cold morning.

Three Grandchildren and I saw the bird late morning as did R Wilson from F'tn. The kids and I tried for the Snowy Owl found by Merv yesterday; a bit too bright sunshine so unable to find it. At Marsh Creek we did find a Peregrine Falcon.

This bird has not been sighted since approx. noon. We are left with questions....did it succumb to the cold?....was it taken by an active Sharp-shinned Hawk?.....?.....?

Too bad Joanne. She was a very nice bird to see. Thanks to your aunt and uncle many were able to enjoy its very bright almost parakeet like shades of green. I am afraid many of those very late birds reported this week (like the Ovenbird or Blue-headed Vireo)  may perish during this very cold snap and the coming storm.


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