funny I figured out how to get  get a female red cardinal (cardinal rouge femelle) to stay at home,,it would n t come to suspended sunflower feeder ,, it chooses only to eat at ground under the trees,,,so I put sunflower seeds on ground now,,, I t is more regular this way,,,

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I've been putting  catnip for cats for years at specific place in yard ,,cats use this as a communication base,,,ive never seen one catch a bird in my yard,,,,but also noted that birds eat catnip,,,summer/winter,,,and raccons too  ,,,shared this valubule info !!

Good to know; does it have the same effect on avian species as with cats? I watched my female Cardinal on the back deck recently chowing down on spilled Niger seed.

don t think so,,they don t roll on ground seems part of a diet...oh,,nice you have a female cardinal too,,you live close to barnyard BBQ??

Mike, I've had both male and female Northern Cardinals breeding nearby and feeding at my feeders for many years. If I step out in the spring, I can hear at least 5 different males calling in the neighbourhood.


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