Had three (3) Tree Swallows show up here in St Stephen area today, 10APR2017.  Pics and story in the Photo Section.

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Four were here today at Kerrs Ridge.

Three Tree swallows arrived here in Great Pond, Maine yesterday morning.  They immediately investigated a previously used nest box.  The resident pair of Red shouldered hawks arrived 4/9/2017 and are in active courtship.  Two male Kestrels are hunting in the nearby blueberry fields.  We scoped a Merlin within two miles of the same vicinity, a previously active location. We have also scoped  a male Harrier three times in the past week, coursing a fields nearby, again a territory usually inhabited.  We are located roughly 60 miles west of St Stephens, off route 9. 

Two years ago I joined you at Greenlaw for a day of hawkwatching.  I am always interested in what is going on across the border  Jill glover

Lucky you to have resident Red-shoulders. They are hard to find in NB.

I'll echo Todd, Jill!

I was fortunate enough to find their nest site a few years ago.  Later in the spring when behavior is stabilized I generally walk in for observation.

A Palm warbler and several White-throated sparrows are fre quentingthe feeding station/shrub row.


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