Since 2010 I've been paying the monthly fees for this NING site, about a year ago the cost tripled, I've looked into ways to raise money, I've asked Tourism NB to help out since they link to us for their Birdwatching Info.  

I could allow advertising but that means upgrading the site and a larger monthly fee.  Paid membership is out of the question, it too costs more and the site doesn't cost that much. 

I did start a PATREON ACCOUNT (under Birding New Brunswick) but it seems complicated and after a couple hours filling out forms I'm not sure if it even works.

If anyone knows of a related business that would like to support us in exchange for a mention and link to a website please let them know.  

Or if anyone would like to help out with a very small contribution that would be wonderful too.  



On Jimmy Dee's advice I started a gofundme campaign.  That seems perfect, we can do it once a year like PBS.

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Looks like NING has an archiver tool so no data would be lost.

Seriously, look into Reddit. You can have a subreddit up and going within minutes:

I don't think so, but it's a democracy.  

I find the people on Facebook can be extremely rude, not sure why they find it acceptable on that platform.  

I do not belong to Facebook or Reddit.

Really enjoy this site as folks are polite and give each other respect and encouragement.

You can set up a Facebook or Reddit account within minutes.

It would be the same community with the same people, just a different platform that isn't a financial burden on the host.

This site is beautiful, the main page slide show, each member's own page, the groups, discussions, the pages and pages of data that would be lost.  

Link me to a page similar to this on reddit, what I've found can't hold a candle to this site.  

I like this page just as it is.   I also enjoy facebook but this site has so much more to offer in an easy form to follow and helping out with the cost is an easy solution so we can keep it just as it is. 

Wayne I'll see you at the market or at your shop. It's only reasonable to have the members help out with the cost.

On Jimmy Dee's advice I started a gofundme campaign.  That seems perfect, we can do it once a year like PBS.

I volunteer to answer the phones.

lol  You're a smart and funny man, Jimmy  :)

Go Fund Me is perfect.  Donation to the cause, done!


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