Since 2010 I've been paying the monthly fees for this NING site, about a year ago the cost tripled, I've looked into ways to raise money, I've asked Tourism NB to help out since they link to us for their Birdwatching Info.  

I could allow advertising but that means upgrading the site and a larger monthly fee.  Paid membership is out of the question, it too costs more and the site doesn't cost that much. 

I did start a PATREON ACCOUNT (under Birding New Brunswick) but it seems complicated and after a couple hours filling out forms I'm not sure if it even works.

If anyone knows of a related business that would like to support us in exchange for a mention and link to a website please let them know.  

Or if anyone would like to help out with a very small contribution that would be wonderful too.  



On Jimmy Dee's advice I started a gofundme campaign.  That seems perfect, we can do it once a year like PBS.

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Hi Dwayne:

I would like to contribute a cash amount but the Patreon site only has an option for contributions by post.  Perhaps I am missing something???

Yeah, I tried to configure it for just a single donation.  It's either monthly or per post I guess.  I didn't want it monthly, maybe just e-transfer? My personal email is set up with my bank account, so

Yikes, some quick support here, if/when we go over, I'll need to set up a different account and look for advice and a project to sponsor.  

Hi Dwayne, can I give you some help on this site sometime I am at the market for some suet?   Perhaps others who drop in to see you could also do it this way.  I don't do email transfers although I could also mail a cheque if I had an address to mail it to.

I'll see you soon enough, don't send a cheque.

Thanks, you are right I am down to my last bag of suet.  :-)  See you soon.

A donation jar at the Market would likely do the trick, but I've had so many things stolen would be too tempting.  

Perhaps you can give us an idea about the costs.....donations may cover it. Or is PayPal à possibility?

It's $99 US per month right now, so as their dollar drops so does the cost.  I have a personal PayPal account, maybe it'd be a good idea to set one up for this site.  

Any advice on setting up a pay pal account?  My best options seem to be non-profit organization.  This isn't like a registered non-profit.

Do any of the nature clubs have accounts?  

I would certainly be willing to send a cheque TO YOU, Dwayne. Just PM me with what you need.

what about ducks unlimited

what kind of money would be needed from each subscriber

Not very much, it's $99 US per month, it's not even $1 for each member annually, that's what makes it difficult, I don't want to go over.  A couple businesses or gov't sponsor would be easier. 


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