Since 2010 I've been paying the monthly fees for this NING site, about a year ago the cost tripled, I've looked into ways to raise money, I've asked Tourism NB to help out since they link to us for their Birdwatching Info.  

I could allow advertising but that means upgrading the site and a larger monthly fee.  Paid membership is out of the question, it too costs more and the site doesn't cost that much. 

I did start a PATREON ACCOUNT (under Birding New Brunswick) but it seems complicated and after a couple hours filling out forms I'm not sure if it even works.

If anyone knows of a related business that would like to support us in exchange for a mention and link to a website please let them know.  

Or if anyone would like to help out with a very small contribution that would be wonderful too.  



On Jimmy Dee's advice I started a gofundme campaign.  That seems perfect, we can do it once a year like PBS.

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Thanks Hank, this is a great way to do it.  

I am willing to help fund the site as it is a very valuable resource for all things nature.  I would however prefer to give the donation by mail or in person, if that would be OK.

 My understanding (problem) with the gofundme site is that although it is free to set up, the site takes 37.9 cents for every $1 donated. This would soon add up to another month payment.

I believe it is 7.9% of the donation and another $0.30 per donation.  That would be $2.28 for a $25 donation  -  9.1%.

You are right Gail.    I was basing my reply on the comment that it would be $1. per member (1600 members) per year to maintain BNB. However if 1600 members each donated $1.oo through gofundme it would not be sufficent.  ($1.oo - 7.9% and $0.30) or $0.62 x1600 =$993.60 and with the American exchange rate @ $0.81 = $807.51 not the $1188.00 required.

Dwayne, my donation will be coming by snail mail even if only $2.28 would be deducted

Yes, Helen.  There is no point making a donation of much less than $20 with Go Fund Me.  I would like to add that there are absolutely no fees on either end of a transfer of monies to a friend (Canada to Canada) with PayPal.

Jimmy idea is great. Made my contribution today. I would contribute just to see some of the great pictures posted, all the other good stuff is a bonus, and that includes the nice and helpful comments and suggestions from the members.


I'll be sending a check via snail mail today.

Dwayne, it appears that you have been paying for this out of your own pocket for quite a while. In my opinion, I don't think anyone would be concerned if you "went over". We tend to forget that these things have a price, and I expect that you will need to repeat this call for funding periodically as required.

I'm happy to send you a contribution. I do e-transfers so I'll do it that way.

Hi Dwayne, just sent a small contribution to your email address.

Cheque in the mail today, 20ix17

Just contributed on, it was so easy. I don't have much time to post or add to discussions on this site lately because of work commitments, but I check in several times a week. I certainly want to see this site keep going because it's the very best nature site that we have in my view.


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