Since 2010 I've been paying the monthly fees for this NING site, about a year ago the cost tripled, I've looked into ways to raise money, I've asked Tourism NB to help out since they link to us for their Birdwatching Info.  

I could allow advertising but that means upgrading the site and a larger monthly fee.  Paid membership is out of the question, it too costs more and the site doesn't cost that much. 

I did start a PATREON ACCOUNT (under Birding New Brunswick) but it seems complicated and after a couple hours filling out forms I'm not sure if it even works.

If anyone knows of a related business that would like to support us in exchange for a mention and link to a website please let them know.  

Or if anyone would like to help out with a very small contribution that would be wonderful too.  



On Jimmy Dee's advice I started a gofundme campaign.  That seems perfect, we can do it once a year like PBS.

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I see BugGuide is hoping to raise $90,000.00. I hope they have more success than BNB which seems to be struggling to raise $1,500.00.

They're probably spending more time soliciting donations, I just don't have the time, I've spend a day on this thread and a couple days calling business (with zero luck).  What you guys sent me is a tremendous help.  

Dwayne, it has been several weeks since you asked us for donations.   Actually how much funds were raised by donations to BNB?  The Go Fund Me page shows $225.  There were folks who indicated on this thread they were sending money transfers and cheques for BNB. 

I made a donation to help keep BNB on-line.  I feel it would be great if you keep us informed of the total amount raised to date.

Yes, I did receive about a dozen cheques in the mail, as well as some paypal, to be honest I haven't opened the envelopes yet, I've been busy here trying to get caught up and I have the market tomorrow.  I plan on adding them all up on Sunday, I'll post here as well as in the comments section on go fund me. 

Thanks everyone and I will get around to thanking you all individually, I promise.  

I can't believe you were covering that on your own. Thank you so much! Seriously. And not just the cost, but the time.

I totally agree, Stephanie.  Thank you, Dwayne :)

Good for everyone who has contributed through GoFundMe or by other means but BNB can still use financial help.

Please consider a contribution of any amount.

Good Ralph. I think periodic reminders would help. This clearly cannot be a one shot deal. My cheque goes into the mail tomorrow.


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